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Thanks again, Sho! I really enjoyed the recording yesterday.

Having the guitar track recorded with a microphone and an amp makes a big difference.

↓↓This is the audio track.



Sho Uehara

Thank YOU!
Now we're going to work on mixing. Do you have any specific requests?



About mixing, I leave it to you since I really like the demo tracks.

I may just give you my audacious images.

Oh, one thing, I feel the vocal, drum and bass tracks sound too digital since we have the real guitar track now. I hope you could make them more live and have balance with the guitar.

Images of mixing are "rock sound", "speed (make it sounds as BPM182 though it really is BPM176)", "to evoke an image of cool performers."

As for the guitar, I'd insist on the perfection and exclude my character, so I sould not say anything.

You saw me playing the guitar. You go ahead and mix with your thiking. That way, it seems more fun!


Sho Uehara

OK! Then, look forward to the mixed track.

When you listen to it, please give me more orders. Then we'll repeat it two or three times.



By the way, let me ask you about the rough mix you gave me on the recording. Is it something like you cut and past best bits from several tracks we recorded but did not touch the rhythm, and you replace it with the line-recored guitar, right?


Rough mix : a roughly mixed audio file only for the concerned.
↓↓Here it is!


On mixing, if there is any off-pitch or missed notes, you can reprocess as much as you want!


Sho Uehara

There you go, the first draft!


What I've done for mixing is making the drum fierce with the compressor.

As for the bass drum, the original wasn't strong enough. So I replaced it with the real drum track I happened to have.

As for the backing guitar, I used demo backing guitar track and recorded track half and half.

I put emphasized on a sense of speed totally.

The rough mix, right after the recording, had a lot of middle tones and that bothered the sense of speed. I made it sharp with the equalizer.

As for the Chorus part, I raised the volume to make it impressive. The backing chorus is a bit stronger than demo.

The timinig of the guitar, no problem, I didn't do anything.

I found some mispickings in the third Chorus. I use a copy of the first Chorus for the third.

I adjusted the pitches of the lead guitar and the backing guitar.

That's it so far. What would you say?



Thanks Sho!

To tell you the truth, I’m not good at checking the mixing. I didn't say much for my band. Even changing the volume of each instrument would ruin the balance, I always get confused.

Let me tell you what I felt, not my request.
I think that the whole balance is good, but I hope the bass line would be clearer.

As for the Intro, in my image it has more reverb. Then drum goes bam, then band sound explodes.

The sound volume and the spread of the tones on the Chorus is so good. For that reason, I think in the First Verse it should be more centered.

With my headphone, I feel the First Verse should be more centered. But with my earphone, it does sounds centered, I don't know why...

Now we have chorus and double-track of the guitar. I want to have variation that some part sound centered and other separated.

I think the solo guitar stands out too much. Should it be like that?

I usually say nothing about guitar sound. My request eliminates my charactor from it. You can do whatever you want for the guitar.

Amp recording really sounds live.

In-line recording, I played myself. But amp recording has more nuance. I feel more like my play. I expected you'd do more. You're welcome to do more!


Sho Uehara

OK! I responded your requests.

What I re-checked the balance of the whole track and each tone, and added reverb and delay to the Koto.

※Koto : A traditional Japanese stringed instrument.
Koto sound

I think the spread is caused by the sound volume, so lowered it.

The bass line wasn't clear around low-frequency, so I addjusted it.

As for the guitar solo, I found you were right! So, I lower the volume and raised delay.


That's about it. What would you say?



Thanks Sho!

I prefer this one very very much! The balance of the real guitar and the rhythm instruments is good. It's groovy.

It's roughly done. Now, we're going to need fine adjustment.

I have two things that I want to ask you. The first one is the rhythm of "iki-wo(1:04)「息を」" and "hashiru(1:14)「走る」." I feel like those words are out of rhythm.

Maybe we should adjust them just a bit backward.

Or is it because the volume balance of "i" and "ki"?

And the fourth beat of the bass at the last bar of the second Verse,
can you make it slide with the guitar?

There, I want more natural sound flow.

In fact, guitar solo, I expected you'd adjust the pitch without me asking for it.

On recording, the amp was infront of me. I couldn't hear thoroughly. I've given up on the pitch control of choking.


Sho Uehara

Oh, is that so?
The final step was rather hard, but I think I could meet your requests.

This time, I re-checked the whole balance. I adjusted the rhythm of "iki-wo" and "hashiru."

As for the bass of the second Verse, I added glissando with Auto-Tune.

Mix2 sounded sort of muffled to me. I tried all kinds of adjustment, but after all I found the one balance adjusted was the best.

For me, it's done. How about you,choro?




This one is much much better!
OK, we're done!


Sho Uehara

Thanks for your accompany!



Thank you!



To be continued

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