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Mixing Tips and Tricks 2/9 Make a Vocaloid Sound More Human



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This online course shows the process of mixing this song.

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Sho Uehara

Thanks choro!

I haven't edited anything but the vocal for Rough 1.

What I did for the vocaloid singing is ...
When a human sings, he/she would waver between pitches for a very brief moment.
So I gave it a human touch with Auto-Tune and give vibrato.

I think I can adjust volume and equalization more.

For now I'm sending an audio file which I switched the tone of your MIDI data and re-edited the vocaloid.

I roughly edited it to give you my idea for the song.

When I was switching the tone of the drums, I found your MIDI file was fairly good. It sounds so natural now, doesn't it?

Still I can fine tune more and do so on the mixing procedure.

For bass, I couldn't find more fitted tone. I found the bass you'd sent me was the best after all, I used it.

I hear slight reverb on bass. Can you remove it?


Thank you Sho, I like it so much!

It's really fun to create with someone. It's so inspiring!

As for the bass reverb, it looks like the audio data had amp simulation and compression. I'm sending you two audio data, one with no effects and another one with only amp simulation.

Now, do you think we need backing chorus?
If you do, I'll make it with the vocaloid where you need it and send it to you.


Sho Uehara

Well, I don't know about that...
I think the present vocal is powerful enough, but inserting backing chorus, I'd liked to have chorus of "aah" starting from measure 5 of 1st Pre-chorus and major third for the whole chorus part, so I can edit freely.

I don't know backing chorus would make it better or not, but if you make vocaloind data, I'd appreciate it!

The bass data, I like the one with amp simulation better. I'm using that one.




Actually I'm sending a couple of backing chorus data, I couldn't choose one.
And a couple of data for the whole chorus part as you requested.

Which you use, and how you use it, is totally up to you!


Sho Uehara

Here's a roughly mixed data with backing chorus and the bass.

As for the backing chorus, I used it only where it's needed and made it sound more like harmonic tones added to the main vocal. It's added very very slightly.

Now I'm working on drums and the main vocal.

After all, we should have the backing chorus. Don't you think so?



I checked the file.
Yeah, you are right. And I really like the slightness of it.

By the way, is Rough3 mixed differently from Rough 2? Both the main vocal sounds clear, but somehow I prefer Rough2.


Sho Uehara

Because it's vocaloid singing, I gave Rough3 a touch of pop music.
You prefer Rough2? Then, I should make it more "hard rock sound."



Yeah, let's do that!
Well, the outline of the song is decided. The next thing we do is recording!


Sho Uehara


Yes! I'm so excited.

To be continued


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