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Mixing Tip and Tricks II 1/10 Mixing and Mastering What Pros Do



Choroidea Online Mixing Course Vol.2


This is a project to disclose what the pros do on mixing and mastering.

Japanese rock guitarist choro (Jeepta/takekings) and award-winning audio engineer Sho Uehara reveal everything what they have done for mixing a song.

▲Inokashira-sen - Words, Music, Arrangement and Guitar by choro


Inokashira-sen Download Site

The song is sung by a Japanese vocaloid GUMI, known as Megpoid.

In this course, they show every one of audio files they've made during the mixing process. If you're interested in mixing, mastering, composition, arrangement and recording, you'd better check it out thoroughly!

Here is the conversation between the two starting from choro.

ピクチャ 2
▲choro on the Guitar



OK! The song is ready.
What I do now is more like what we call pre-production.

We'll create and refine the balance and effects of the song.


▲Inokashira-sen Original


Editing and Mixing of the Guitar

At first, I'll have two guitars apart with different sound quality, instead of one in the center.


▲Two Guitars Panned


Editing and Mixing of the Drum

And I'll adjust the velocity of the drum and make it sound more like live performance.



▲Velocity Adjuested Drum


Editing and Mixing of the Bass

And I'll adjust the velocity of the bass and make it sound more like live performance.



▲Velocity Adjusted Bass


Editing and Mixing of the Guitar2

And I'll reproduce the sound of the backing guitars.


▲Backing Guitar Reproduced

Maybe adding tremolo to one of them will come out cool.


▲Tremolo Effect on One Guitar

I'll check the guitar panning again, especially the volume of each of them.


▲Rechecked Panning and Vollume of the Guitars


Editing and Mixing of the Drum and the Bass

Now, I'll reproduce the sound of the bass and check the balance of the drum and the bass.


▲Reproduced Bass and Balanced Drum and Bass


Editing and Mixing of the Vocal

I can't think that the vocal fits in.
I'll add compression and reverb effects and check the volume balance of the whole track.


▲Compression and Reverb Added to the Vocal


Editing and Mixing of the Whole Track

I'll add compression and a bit of reverb, and check the whole volume and the master volume.

Now, tentative mixing is done!



▲Compression and Reverb Added to the Master Track sounds like the tempo is too slow.

The tempo is now 120. Let's listen to BPM122 and BPM124.



BPM124, it's hard to catch the fine nuance.
The tempo should be 122.

Now, what I do next is producing the song of the vocaloid again and recording the guitar strack with BPM122.

▲Second Rough Mix with Recorded Guitar Track

This time I'll send this track as it is, so I may have to change the name of the track...



Hi, Sho!
I'll send you zipped data.
As for Vocaloid data, there are bend depth 0% and 8%.

When it comes to mixing, I am totally a beginner.
I'm looking forward to knowing what the professional engineer's work is like.

I'd like to know about naming tracks, color-coding and so forth.

I've shown what I do for mixing, but I studied mixing by myself.
Please show the readers and me how do you work usually.


Sho Uehara

OK choro!
Next time, I'll explain what I do to the data choro's sent me step by step.


To be continued



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