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This is a project to disclose what the pros do on mixing and mastering.

Japanese rock guitarist choro (Jeepta/takekings) and award-winning audio engineer Sho Uehara reveal everything what they have done for mixing a song.

▲ZENRYOKU syndrome - Words, Music, Arrangement and Guitar by choro


The song is sung by a Japanese vocaloid GUMI, known as Megpoid.

In this course, they show every one of audio files they've made during the mixing process. If you're interested in mixing, mastering, composition, arrangement and recording, you'd better check it out throughly!

Here is the conversation between the two starting from choro.

ピクチャ 2
▲choro on the Guitar



Hi, Sho! Thank you for being the partner of this project.

I produce songs, but I'm no expert when it comes to mixing or mastering. I'm so grateful and excited that you work with me.

Here I send you Demo1 to start with. The name of the song is ZENRYOKU syndrome.

Listen to it and be ready for mixing.

I'm buying a vocaloid software, so I will make an audio file with the vocal and send it to you soon!



There you are! The audio data with the vocaloid singing, MIDI drums and bass which I edited the velocity a little. I hope you get the idea for the final shape of the music.

Again, I do songwriting, arrangement and playing the guitar. But when it comes to audio mixing, I'm no expert. Please re-edit my drums and bass data more like live music.

At present I'm sort of thinking about what tempo is the best.

The guitar was tentatively line recorded. I will record it again in a studio with an amp.


Sho Uehara

Thanks choro! I appreciate you chose me as the partner of this unique project.

I checked the audio file and I like it!
I'm also impressed you handled the vocaloid software right away.

I want to utilize the phrases you made, please send me MIDI data for drums and bass separately when you are ready.



Hi Sho, I finally set the tempo!

I put the intro part and mixed the audio data roughly. I hope you can get my image for the song.

I can send you MIDI data for drums and bass, and all of the audio tracks separately. Do you want to edit the vocaloid data?

I think it's much better I let you edit the vocaloid data. So I'm sending you the unedited vocaloid data.


Sho Uehara
I've never edited vocaloid data, but I roughly edited the audio data. I'm sending the demo.

I hope this gives you the idea what can be done.

I chose the pitch with Auto-Tune and equalizer to make it sounds more like natural human voice.

I got the feeling that editing with the vocaloid software and my editing the audio data don't make much difference.



Wow! This is amazing!

I did edit the vocaloid software finely, but I think your editing is much better.

You can hear the words clearer. I don't see how you can do it? Beats me!

You haven't edited other tracks, have you?

I'm looking forward to litening to the edited tracks.


To be continued


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