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People search with the keywords, but......
I Like Beautiful Expressions Oct.7 2015

My computer got broken.
Days Without Computer Oct.8 2015

Everybody I meet is me.
Everything Is Me! Oct.8 2015

You don't have to do anything at all.
Languid Oct.8 2015

“Am I selfish?” Girls are obligated to ask so, I guess.
Everyday Is Special Oct.11 2015

You want to be popular? Think this way.
If You Don't Love me, I Don't Love You Oct.12 2015

No grown up is sure about decisions they have made about the life.
Teenagers' Worries Oct.13 2015

Earn ¥10,000,000 per month and give ¥9,700,000 to charity.
Your Action Is Passive Oct.14 2015

If you live with the same sense of values since teenager, people don't look at you that way.
Old Fart Should Behave Like One Oct.14 2015

You can't erase the dark past on the Internet?
Dark Past Oct.16 2015