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Shiva The Destroyer



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I like Shiva the destroyer.
It is one of the three major deities of Hinduism.

I've come to know Shiva in a game, so my knowledge about it is very limited.

You may get a bad impression of the word "destruction."
But we need a destruction to create a new system.

You may get an even worse impression of the word "environmental disruption."
Then can you quit using Internet? Or cell phones?

By Internet we're able to know the facts of environmental disruption all over the world.

This year, I'm having a lot of destruction around me.
Destruction of human relations, environment and so forth.
Yesterday I even got my computer broken.

That hurts and makes me discouraged, but the destruction yields creation.

I don't know about the world of deities, but in the world of humans, repetition of "creation" "maintenance" "destruction" is a kind of evolution.

Now, it's the time of "destruction" for me and for the world.
And it'll lead a new "creation" for me and for you.


-choro the sophist
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