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Your Action Is Passive


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Recently I edited the titles of blog articles.
And that increased the traffic three times as much.
I'm a blogger now.

Why am I doing such thing?
I got a dream.
What I used to have is "real."

What's the difference?

Well, suppose you are an office worker.
You want to achieve successful career, build your own house some day......

That's real. Nothing but the reality.
That's not a dream.

So, I want to make a lot of money.
My consciousness is focused outward, now.

¥300,000 per month is enough for my living.
But I want to earn ¥10,000,000 per month and give ¥9,700,000 to charity.
That's how I feel now.

Then I realized, we all are so passive these days.

You can always refer to Internet.
Anytime you want with a little device in your hand.
Seems to be proactive actions.

But the reality is that there are lots of websites waiting for your search with expected keywords.

Well, I think that's all right.
As long as you think you proactively acted, you're happy.

I'm happy when I talk to people.
They give me unexpected words.




-choro the sophist
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