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I Like Beautiful Expressions


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I like beautiful expressions.

But, I have to use many keywords for the traffic.

I write articles about the guitar, then the keywords will be "guitar" "lecture" "lesson" "tricks" "how to" "for biginner" and so forth.

People search with such keywords.

"How to play the guitar" is not enough.
Some people search like "guitar tricks."

I have to write "tricks of how to play the guitar."
But it's not good enough, either.
Some might search like "guitar performance."

So I have to write "tricks of how to play the guitar and the guitar performance."
This sentence is so unnatural.

I've been thinking, translated novels are hard to read, how-to books' writing is bad.
I don't want my writing to be like them.

It's totally meaningless if people don't reach my writing. No matter how much I write.

And people believe what they find on some websites which the search engine shows first.

It's sad, only information with know-how prevails.
But nobody can help it. That's the way it goes.
People want "relief" rather than "beauty" or "correctness."

-choro the sophist
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